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Freeside is the place to go for fun and approachable classes. We're always looking for more teachers!

Freeside offers public events, including classes and workshops, using Meetup (Freeside's Meetup page). All events listed on our Meetup page are open to non-members. Some are recurring, informal meet-ups, and others are more formal lectures or hands-on activities.

Some of our events also have Facebook pages.

Non-members, also, can give classes and run workshops here, by cooperating with a Freeside member. If you are interested in giving a class or a workshop, let us know!

We try to focus on classes that can teach basic skills and make some of the tools and technology in the space more approachable. We want to give people the info they need to get started, so that they can develop using the tools and knowledge-base available in our space.

Freeside members are eligible to receive a 20% discount from the posted cost of the class.

You Can Teach or Hold Meetups at Freeside

As part of its mission, Freeside allows non-members to teach classes and hold Meetups.

These can be free or not.

For events with a fee, revenues are split between Freeside and the instructor or leader. The split is calculated as follows:

1. Revenues are calculated, with any discounts to members being ignored. 2. Costs of materials are reimbursed to the instructor, or retained by Freeside, depending on who paid for materials. 3. The difference (again, calculated as if discounts were not applied) is divided by two, and the instructor is paid the result.

For events involving making physical things, we think it best that attendees leave with something concrete.

Teaching at Freeside is a great way to share your skills with the community, get more people involved, and make a real, positive impact on the space.

If you are thinking of giving a class or leaving a Meetup, please fill out this Freeside Class/Event Proposal.

Here are some Class Ideas, which are some classes people have requested.

How to register as a Teacher at Freeside

Next, register to teach a class by emailing and we'll get with you to look over the lesson plan, discuss the details of the class relevant to scheduling and promotion, make any necessary adjustments, and then launch the class on Meetup and Facebook.

Why Classes are important to Freeside

Freeside's mission is to provide a place for education and research in the Atlanta community. We know it is important to make our space and community more approachable to newcomers. Bringing them in with classes, and giving them the tools and knowledge they need to be successful, is key to keep Freeside growing and changing.

To achieve these goals, our class structure has to take everyone's needs into consideration. We've organized classes this way because we feel it is the most best way for everyone involved:

Good for students

  • Basic information and a network of help
  • Reasonable pricing ($5-$20 per hour of instruction recommended + materials fees if applicable)
  • Reliable and organized instruction

Good for teachers

  • 50% take of all non-materials class income
  • Teachers benefit from Freeside’s network of interested students
  • Free advertising and promotion
  • Administration of class is taken care of
  • Space and equipment are provided by Freeside

Good for Freeside

  • More support for more materials, space, and resources
  • Better skills = cooler projects for members

Good for Freeside Members

  • Freeside members get a 20% refund on class fees (taken from Freeside’s portion, not the instructor's portion)
  • More diverse classes bring more diverse people to Freeside

Open to non-members

If you are interested in attending a class and are not a member, either email or contact the member contact for the particular class you're interested in.

Freeside is always looking for volunteers! If you're interested in speaking or giving a talk at Freeside, please fill out or application form. We'll contact you to help you schedule and promote your class, lecture, or workshop.