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(In Real Life)
(In Real Life)
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== In Real Life ==
== In Real Life ==
3043 Commerce Way SE<br>
3043 Commerce Way<br>
Atlanta, Georgia 30354<br>
Atlanta, Georgia 30354<br>

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[edit] In Real Life

3043 Commerce Way
Atlanta, Georgia 30354

  • Come to our public meeting, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:30pm (currently suspended due to our recent location change and COVID-19 - returning July 2020). Get directions!
  • Come to a meeting!

[edit] On the Internet

[edit] Directly

  • General Inquiries: hello@freesideatlanta.org
  • Event/Class Inquiries: ac@freesideatlanta.org
  • Press Inquiries: pr@freesideatlanta.org
  • VOIP/Voicemail: (678) 948-7626
    • Please Note: We do not monitor voicemails frequently, but when we do, we do not return solicitation calls. This includes requests for invention or patent advice, requests for use of the space that are not in line with our mission or organization, requests to market products or services to our members, or requests for technical support in any context. In addition, the phone number is not currently connected to any telephone in our facility, so please do not arrive at Freeside, call the number, and expect somebody to answer the phone to let you into the space. Except for our open house or other public events, Freeside has no business hours and no guarantee of member presence at the space.
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