Member Minutes 11 May 2013

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Member Meeting for 11 May 2013

Members in attendance: Steven, Jon, Alan, Cameron, Buddy

1:34 PM -- Beginning of meeting

Current plan is to unbox the Lulzbot Printer after the meeting

Ivan opens the floor -- he wants to help with a variety of topics, including the 3D printer, Wiki, and other things.

Buddy has an offer for the Benz to be scrapped for $500 OBO

Cameron brings up his Streaming Cart idea, with a build price of 1800 for a full system, and 1000 for a system that would support basic streaming (G+). Would be an interesting learning experience. Lots of interest from video engineers within Freeside. Could be a tool to bring in people from other companies like Turner.

1:43 PM -- One Year Plan

The One Year Plan helped Freeside transform from a failing space to a successful one. We tripled our members, built a working capital reserve, and other good stuff moving forward.

The plan worked -- and now another one is being drafted by the board to address concerns such as membership engagement, our 501(C)3, and other subjects of Freeside.

The topic of membership encouragement is something the members are open to supporting with ideas.

1:48 PM -- Someone cracks a whip. Cheers are had.

General perception from people on the Tuesday meetings are positive.

1:58 PM -- Invention Studio

Gabe from the Invention Studio will be teaching two classes on 3D printing next week. The classes will be open for registration later in the week.

There is discussion of a program to provide discounts related to this class. Details to follow.

There is a discussion about having bounty programs (towards dues credit, or similar) to solve roadblocked problems, such as our bricked 3D printers.

2:06 PM -- Discussion about the space purposes

There is an ongoing discussion in how to build out the space. Alan says there is a decreased incentive to build out the space outside of the Electronics area. A discussion on how to improve turnout in this area is still a topic of discussion, but ideas such as events oriented towards buildouts are encouraging directions

2:09 PM -- Mailing List Analytics

Alan compiled analytics of the mailing list, and from what he states, calls for help are the most responded to emails. This is followed by projects. An avenue we can explore to draw interest for the space could be through better reach through the mailing list.

2:12PM -- Floor tile

Igor put astroturf on the steps to the Media Lab and tiles to weigh it down. They can be removed today to permit access to the Media Lab.

Jon donated some equipment (M-Audio Keyboard and USB interface) to the Media Lab. This could make it beneficial as we expand the capacity.

We may need to bust for better computing hardware as the capacity of the Media Lab grows.

Cameron mentions subjects regarding the licensing (if any should apply) for works of art produced in the media lab, such as having a default like Creative Commons. This would not preclude anyone who produces media to be bound to the default license.

We may not be able to build out the Media Lab into a recording studio -- WonderRoot has that capacity and we are working on a joint membership status with them.

2:22 -- InvestAtlanta

There is a plan to develop Fort Mcpherson into a technology park, and there is a chance to relocate Freeside to this new location. We don’t know many details about this, and it is developing. The conversations regarding this are underway. This is the CoA, so this could go a long time before results appear.

2:32 PM -- Reefer Madness

There’s a discussion of having a bad movie night on Tuesdays for nights when there are no lectures. This will probably be driven by members. We need to use these opportunities to get members to take charge of events.

We want to give members more rights to run and organize events at Freeside, but how we want to do this is something that needs to be developed by Steven, and he is searching for someone to help develop this.

2:38 PM -- Adjourned

End of minutes