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Hello everyone! I am running for the board again. Staying on as a Director, my goals would be the following things:

- Continue to produce large group projects and installations. The cosplay project is one of those, but we have a few others we've been talking about and working on! I very much want to see Freeside build an installation for Alchemy for the 3rd year in a row. I'd also like to see us do something specifically for Maker Faire in October as that is an event to really show how weird Freeside can get.

- Fundraise for the CNC router! We've done pretty good here so far and I think we can easily get the rest of the way by the end of the year. I think this is the thing that would really transform the sort of projects that Freeside as a whole can produce!

- Continue branching out into other areas. Only 8 months ago did Adam and I start the cosplay meetup, and we've brought a lot of new people to the space because of it. I think there are plenty of new - and existing! - zones and ideas and projects at the space to bring in people from new areas of interest. Adam Keeton, for example, wants to start doing a lot more drone/UAV things and bringing that to Freeside.

- Make the space better. If you haven't seen the work we put in to demoing Member Storage for the new shelves then you're missing out! I think there is a lot that we all can do to Freeside itself to make the space much more than it already is, and I very much want to see that we get there!

Thanks for reading! See you all around the space.

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