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When: Second and Fourth Tuesdays (Beginning February 2014), around 7pm

See Freeside's Meetup.com calendar to confirm dates of open houses

A twice monthly event where we open our doors and welcome the general public into the mysterious confines of Freeside Atlanta. This is generally intended as a social gathering, but members frequently show up to hack on their projects as well. We welcome guests and visitors to work on something if you wish, just be sure you glance over our policies. Large shop tools and tools that require special training are generally shut down during open houses due to the risks involved by having large crowds wandering through the space on tours and unescorted.

The Open House generally involves giving tours, answering questions about the space, and introducing members that share common interests with you. As a visitor, you are encouraged to wander around and explore all the things Freeside has to offer, as well as the things you could potentially offer our community.

We encourage you to come out, and be sure to RSVP to an Open House on meetup.com and check out the other public events we have there as well.