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Projects images (usually onto screen).
Projects images (usually onto screen).
Model HD23
= Owner(s) =
= Owner(s) =

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[edit] Zone


[edit] About

Projects images (usually onto screen).

Model HD23

[edit] Owner(s)

  • Freeside
  • Member Name (Link to their Wiki Page if it exists)

[edit] Hackability

Do Not Hack

[edit] Caution

Turn off when not in use. This extends the life of the expensive bulb.

[edit] Basic Instructions

  • Step 1
  • Step 2

[edit] Specifications and Detailed Instructions

Info.jpgURL to product page if it exists
RTFM.PNGURL to product manuals
Video.jpgLink to videos showing good examples of use

[edit] Tips

  •  ??
  •  ??

[edit] Warnings

Delete those that do not apply

Laser.PNG Eyesight Damage Risk

Entrapment.png Entrapment Risk

Flammable.png Flammable Risk

HighSpeedMovingParts.png High Speed Moving Parts

NonIoizingRadiation.png Non-Ionizing Radiation (RF)

UV.png UV Radiation

Radiation.PNG Radiation Warning

Poison.PNG Poisonous Substances

Hot.gif Hot Surfaces

Cutting.PNG Cutting Risk

Crush.png Crush and Pinch Risk

ElectricShock.PNG Electric Shock Risk

ElectricShock.PNG High Voltage

[edit] Safety

Delete those that do not apply

BreathingMask.PNG Breathing Mask Required

Gloves.PNG Gloves Required

Goggles.PNG Eye Protection Required

HardHat.PNG Hardhat Required

Hearing.PNG Hearing Protection Required

Lockout.PNG Lockout Required

RTFM.PNG Read the Fine Manual

Unplug.PNG Unplug After Use

WashHands.PNG Wash Hands Prior/After Use

Unplug.PNG Unplug After Use

WeldingMask.PNG Welding Mask Must Be Worn

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