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=== Points of Contact ===
=== Points of Contact ===
This team is headed up by [[User:Emptyset| Alan Fay]], Freeside's Treasurer, and [[User:AUGuru| Randy Farmer]], one of Freeside's Directors.
=== Major projects ===
=== Major projects ===

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The Big Idea

Freeside is a Nonprofit Organization with a mission of developing innovation and creativity in Atlanta. Because we're a Nonprofit, all of the work in the space is done by volunteers.

We have a lot of people that want to help out at the space, and we also get a lot of requests for changes/enhancements to the space as well as for Classes, Events, Projects, and collaboration with other organizations. In order to organize these efforts, we decided to create teams to divide up the work into specialized areas.

We created 3 main teams to tackle important projects in the space and assigned two Directors to be responsible for each and serve as the major points of contact.

The Safety and Risk Management (SR) team

This team is dedicated to improving the Safety and Risk Management of the space. It serves the essential function of developing infrastructure to keep the space running.

If you're interested in getting involved or just picking our brains, email us at sr@freesideatlanta.org.

Points of Contact

Major projects

  • Access control and security system
  • Finance Records Automation
  • Closed-circuit video system
  • Equipment safety and education program
  • QR code system for inventory and safety/operations material
  • Financial analysis and accounting for the space
  • Fire and First Aid plans for the space
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