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We're always looking for new opportunities to facilitate projects/education in the space. New equipment can help us do that, so we decided to make a wishlist of some of the things that we need for the space.

If you have any items you would like to donate to our space, please contact donations@freesideatlanta.org with details to arrange the donation drop off.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Electrical wiring: running new outlets, and...other activities... (certification required)
  • Woodworking, construction: help with shelf/hutch building for electronics, help with member storage build-out
  • Mural Art: artists, pick a spot on the wall and make it yours! We also want input on designing logos for each of our zones
  • Classes: Teaching at Freeside raises money for the space, helps educate our community, and can put a little extra money in your pocket. You don't have to be a member or an expert to teach a class, you just have to have some basic skills and a plan to share them.
  • Projects: Volunteering your skills on projects (and Build-Outs) is a great way to meet people and help out. Check out our Meetup account for upcoming opportunities to jump on in.

Space Improvement Projects

  • Expand the security/access control system.
  • Fix or trade in the kiln and create an area for it.
  • Improve the auditorium lighting and seating.
  • Add more documentation for the Equipment and teach more basics Classes for it.
  • Install drop ceiling for the classroom.


  • ABS: Our 3D printers need more spools in a variety of colors; we are good on white ABS!
  • Paint (dark, black, matte): for shrouding the stage in the darkness
  • Paint (brighter colors especially, not black/grey/white): we are painting an internet meme explosion mural in the front bathroom, and Carrie needs more paint
  • Printer ink for the HP L7680
  • LR44 Batteries
  • Sharpies of all shapes, sizes, and color
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Box Cutters
  • Micro-USB cables and chargers


  • Recording and mastering software/hardware
  • Valid Windows licenses
  • VOIP solution for linking our Google Voice number (or similar service) to the space


  • Good, functional computers
  • Audio/lighting/DJ equipment
  • Interesting Human Interface Devices
  • Arduinos, other automation controllers or kits
  • Raspberry Pis: for use with the access control project, or with the informational kiosks like we have in the welcome zone
  • 4+ port NIC card for rack system, or full system: we are trying to build a router to create subnets, see Alan or any IT staff person for details
  • Larger LCD monitors, flat screen TVs: we want to put up informational kiosk displays around the space
  • Breadboards: some members have asked and are unclear if some “projects” could be reclaimed or if there are extra breadboards to go around
  • Folding chairs: for when we host large talks or events
  • Door and ceiling: for the classroom, to cut down on the noise
  • Help with getting the existing phone system up and running, for being able to dial other phones in the space, and linking that to VOIP
  • Working UPS's for various workstations


  • Member storage bins: We are getting new members! Let’s have a few bins at the ready to get them on-board
  • Small to Medium plastic bins: We can start subdividing or replacing cardboard boxes storing things in the parts storage


  • Lumber: ask about specifics, but the two main projects that could use some lumber are for the electronics lab benches and for improvements to member storage
  • Engraving plastic: for creating signage with Randy’s CNC!
  • Sheetrock, for classroom and other finishing and build-out needs.


  • Pallet jack
  • Pottery wheel
  • Welding supplies
    • Welding Gloves


  • Hammer drill
  • Concrete bits
  • Painting supplies
  • Magnetic Sweeper/Pickup tool for the floor
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