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Please list any wants, needs, donations or suggestions by zone.


  • Battery backup system for Vuvuzela node access control(s)
  • Wiki catalog and QR labeling of any Freeside- or member-owned equipment, tools, and devices
  • Battery backup system for security cameras
  • Run AC and Heating to HAM shack, Scary Bathroom, Member and Project Storage, Loft
  • Finish Vuvuzela access node, replicate, and install throughout where access control is needed
  • Sputnik Disco Ball
  • Murals
  • Video Wall with random crap on it / TV in main space. Projector style!
  • Constructivist art

The "Front"

Ninjas totally flipping rule. Also, we need more art. Put art on our walls!


  • Get functioning display, information kiosk and website
  • Motion sensor for interior light
  • Re-insulate front door
  • Play member-specific audio file on entry


  • Mount projector
  • Add electrical outlets

Server Room

  • Server room door, with Vuvuzela node access control
  • Network plan implementation
  • Wiki catalog and QR labeling of equipment, servers, devices
  • Battery backup system for zoneminder server
  • Aimetis? Longwatch?

Front Bathroom

  • Bathroom Drywall and paint
  • Fix Bathroom Door
  • Lighting in washroom
  • Remove shower and add sink and vanity
  • Finish internet memes mural



  • Finish painting walls
  • More artwork
  • Drywall (where?)
  • Activate or remove non functional outlets
  • Mark with paint a "keep clear" path to the back


  • Partition outlet, wiring fixed
  • Paint stage black
  • Wire up track lighting
  • Folding chairs
  • New mural
  • Roku/media server
  • Nicer couches and other furniture
  • Playatech or Playatech inspired seating for auditorium

Shared Storage

  • Consolidate shelves
  • Audit and throw out non-useful items
  • Add additional workstation
  • More smaller bins for sorting specific items

The "Middle"

Some art from Emily Pidgeon on one of the front walls in the space

Project Storage

  • Shelving
  • Door with Vuvuzela node access control

Ham Shack

  • Add outlets
  • Shelving
  • Insulate against outside noise for broadcasting
  • Swap out red/mahogany desk
  • Replace door with solid door

Scary Bathroom

  • Tiles
  • Lighting
  • Work area for chemicals or biology
  • Ventilation
  • AC and Heat

Member Storage

  • Rework shelving to allow for extra capacity for each individual member
  • Audit and remove old or unclaimed material
  • Wiki catalog and QR label any member-owned equipment that is available to other members
  • Install additional non-food, non-drink fridge for keeping materials cold
  • Vuvuzela access control node to operate door


  • First Aid Kit (LARGE for "real" emergencies; plus additional band-aids/what-not)


Main Warehouse (General)

  • Work sink
  • Drywall to ceiling, curtain at entrance
  • Security camera pointed to laser cutter
  • Cover up graffiti with artwork
  • Fume hood
  • Caulk windows above double-door entrance
  • Install porthole windows on double-doors
  • Re-install door stops for double-doors
  • Lit-up sign to indicate workshop is being used


  • Labeling material storage sections
  • 110V electrical drops, to eliminate all trip-hazard extension cords on floor

Tool Room

  • Tool room door, with Vuvuzela node access control
  • More pegs for organization
  • Pegboard for hanging tools
  • Wiki catalog and QR labeling of tools
  • Marking tools (blue)
  • Vuvuzela access control door?
  • Chain-link fence to extend tool room?


  • Pulldown UV screen or curtains
  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Security camera pointed to mill and lathes
  • Relocate metal tools in main workshop to here
  • Marking tools (pick color)
  • Vuvuzela access control and locking magnet on the garage door


  • Deploy fireproof chemical storage cabinets (stacked)
  • Ramp for vehicles (not brackets/stands)
  • Shelving
  • Electrical, 220V and 110V
  • Marking tools (red)


Media Lab

  • Full length table
  • Shades or stained glass windows to dim workshop lighting
  • Getting the LED strips working again
  • Wiki catalog and QR labeling of Freeside equipment


  • Flooring
  • Audit and remove any member items