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At Freeside Atlanta, we have recurring monthly events where members get together to work on projects, engage in discussions, or just blow off some steam and socialize.

Open House (Second and Fourth Tuesdays)

Come out to check out what's going on at Freeside and meet some folks from the local community of hobbyists, artists, researchers, and crazy people!

Analog Game Night (First Thursdays)

At Analog Game Night, we get together to play board games and hang out. And also maybe to use the Laser Cutter and 3D Printers to design our own!

TED Talks and Discussion (First Wednesday)

Let's get together to watch a few talks and have some discussion! We'll also give some talks of our own, too.

CryptoParty (Third Thursday)

CryptoParty is an informal, non-commercial gathering where folks can discuss select topics in privacy, information security and technology.

Freeside Stargazers (Third Friday)

A casual astronomy meetup to talk about stars and planets and build our own telescope!

Freeside Braniacs (Last Sunday)

Brainiacs is a meetup that is all about neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces.