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Open House

Every Second and Fourth Tuesday around 7pm we open our doors and hold an Open House, to welcome the general public to the wonderful world of hackerspaces. The Open House is generally more of a social gathering, but members can and do show up to hack on their projects. We welcome guests and visitors to work on something if they wish, as long as our policies are followed.

The Open House activity varies from week to week, but generally involves giving tours, answering questions about the space, introductions to members that share the same interests. Visitors are encouraged to wander around and explore all the things Freeside has to offer.

Board of Directors

The Freeside Board of Directors meets periodically to

  • guide direction of the space,
  • plan and discuss how to best fulfill our mission,
  • manage operations, and
  • set policies.

Meetings are always open to members and the public. We usually meet at Freeside around Noon. Ask ahead, or join our mailing list to find out the exact time and place.

Marquee Item Scorecard


Freeside Improvement Projects

  • Projects Requiring Contractors


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Member Meetings

Member meetings are held the second Saturday of every other month to both inform and solicit input from the membership about the direction of the space, discuss policies, and address concerns. Since every member has nearly limitless power to transform the space to suit their interests, the member meetings are an excellent opportunity to coordinate these efforts with others.

Member meetings are usually members-only and closed to the public, but if you really want to attend we probably won't stop you.

Meeting Minutes


Elections are held twice yearly, as per the bylaws. Generally, each election 3 board members are elected for a span of one year. That way, boards overlap to allow for effective knowledge transfer.

Election Dates





A copy of the most recent bylaws can be found here: Freeside ByLaws 2013.