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Freeside Member Meeting 2012-11-10 4:36PM Joe Koberg taking notes

board members now present:


Elections results:

 Board - alan
 Board - igor
 Board - eldon
 Board - nick
 Board - steven
 Board - randy
 Treasurer - alan
 President - steven
 Secretary - eldon

eldon officially resigns secretary position

the board members present appoint igor as the secretary by voice vote.

Discussion of committees and assignments.

 safety and risk 
   alan moves that he and randy should head safety and risk
   motion seconded and passed with voice vote
 marketing and outreach
   motion made by steve for nick and eldon
   passes by show of hands
 activities and culture
   steven moves to appoint steven and igor for activites and culture
   motion passes by show of hands

Action items for next meeting

 * bank account info transferred to alan
 * financials ready for tax filing
 * next member meeting needs to be announced and scheduled.
 * bylaw changes and review

alan moved to adjourn seconded. meeting adjourned. 2012-11-10 4:57PM