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  • Attendees
    • Steven
  • Streamlining open house
  • Too much clutter
    • Members need to be empowered to facilitate getting things that aren't useful out of the space.
      • If it is labeled as a long term project:
        • Does it have an expiration date, or is the expiration date passed?
          • Email the member's list and/or project contact.
      • Is it a tool?
        • Yes
          • Does it have a designated home (can it be found on the wiki?)
            • Yes: Move it home
            • No: Create a wiki page & email Safety & Risk.
        • No, it is not a tool.
          • Take a picture of it & move it to the recycle shelf
          • Something must be on the recycle shelf for 3 weeks before being removed from the space.
  • How to improve inventory
  • Liberated Tech
    • Who is on the board, and what do they need to do?
  • Need a bigger team for A&C, teacher recruiting, facebook/SM management, etc.\
    • Cupcakes for activity and culture.
    • Fun events/classes
    • Steven & Eldon - 3d printing
    • Eldon - Still wants to do Linux, just needs time
    • Order things for Bioluminescene class
    • Make sure that we spend people-time resources effectively.
    • PSAs to WRAS/WREK
    • Todoatlanta tumblr
    • Creative Loafing?
  • Member appreciation party
  • Set up habitrpg for freeside
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