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Freeside Board of Directors Meeting

February 02, 2013

Officers & Directors attending: Steven, Nick, Eldon, Igor, Randy, Alan Also attending: Josh

Topic 1: Age Policy

  • Vote for age restriction policy draft.
  • Motion to pass: motion passed with six votes.

Topic 2: Starving Hacker Policy

  • Vote for starving hacker policy draft.
  • Motion to pass: motion passed with six votes.

Topic 3: Access Policy

  • First access card is free; Replacement there after for lost, stolen or destroyed is $5
  • Motion to pass: motion passed with six votes

Topic 4: SR MO AC Teams Feedback

  • Look over lease (Randy & Steven to talk with Loretta)
    • Public event parking & raising rent within the last few months
  • Exchange ideas of future locations in case of unexpected shutdown of Freeside at Metropolitan location

Topic 5: Loft Update

  • Engineer said that the loft structure is good but suggested an additional engineer to give an additional opinion.
  • Discussion to create an entry point to the bio lab/ media lab with agreement clause for experiments and additional work with zone captain
  • Discussion to gain additional equipment for the bio lab

Additional Topics:

  • Core values of Freeside & incorporation of other makerspaces/ hackerspaces
  • Discussion about maker communities & their different feelings
    • Taking more than giving & overlapping business models
  • Discussion about the sexual harassment policy
  • Make up of the board for the bylaws (directorships time lengths)
  • Atlanta Makers Website (wiki & forum)
  • Expansion of media wiki website & backup infrastructure
  • Budgeting is online
  • Assets of Freeside and movement towards 501c3
  • Liability insurance discussion
  • Mission statement for Freeside
  • Membership process (agreement) & 101 class (membership packet) & termination
  • School Factory agreement & School Foundery discussion
  • SOPA Bicycle inspiration for 501c3 & asking them on how they accomplished its status
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