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Old Business

Starving Hacker Contribution Request

  • Close to starving hacker limit
  • Wait list
  • Have some space, should let people know
  • Send # of starving hackers / # of slots
  • Unifying login systems

Randy to Draft Updates To Membership Policy

  • Self-nominate if been to 3 events.
  • Copy of gov. issued ID
  • Must have picture at freeside

Last Buildout Event

  • Updates to bio lab?
  • Cleaning agenda and clean-desk policy

Monthly Buildout

  • Maggie To Coordinate 4th Saturday buildouts

Coordination Channels

  • Slack: attempt with board? Open to all freeside members

Bio Lab

  • Jud/Nathan have a list of surplus to go.
  • Randy contacts other spaces (give until 12/31)
  • Ask members about interest (7 day period)
  • Document destroyed items

Access control

  • Now active for front door
  • Active for Member Storage
  • Loft Access and eventual cooling
  • Back door hopefully in progress.
  • Lighting and cameras for back & front
  • Need to run conduits out back


  • Welding, air compressor, kiln
  • Junction box for exit sign

Exhaust for laser, etc

  • Bigger/better fan. After installation of ducting, the pull is not sufficient, need a bigger CFM fan

Team and officer reports


  • Painting
  • 2-3 more exit signs
  • Fire Extinguishers
    • Buy 2 new commercial fire extinguishers
      • Keep current lab extinguisher as a spare
  • New cameras

Activities and Culture

  • Google form for class submission
  • Discussion of BoM submission
  • More discussion in new business.
  • Create more consistent classes (monthly, etc)
  • Understanding how to qualify instructors / requiring some safety instruction.


  • Move Wiki Hosting
  • Killing roaming profiles - Scott
  • Set up slack
  • Set up some sort of forum
  • Get additional IT admins


  • Making sure that donations are properly routed
  • Getting additional loanation agreements sorted
  • Ensure memberships that get put on hold resolve temporary storage.
  • Short-term notification reminder.


  • Positive net income
  • Our current reserves are met
  • We had decreased income from classes. It would be cool to diversify with greater

income from classes, etc.

  • Still filing federal EZ
  • Need Insurance statements, Slade to review


  • We elected people
  • Next election in May
  • Re-elected Randy and Chairman of Board

New Business

  • Light in Hallway
    • If we are getting an electical quote, we will also get a quote with that.
  • Membership in-kind discussion re: metalworking equipment
  • Eventbrite vs. Meetup
  • AC/IT/Marketing submit quarterly budget.
  • Yay that space is cleaner!

Vending Machine

  • expect $4000 installed/stocked
    • Motion raised and passed

Business Cards

  • Slade to order

Raspberry Pi Screens

  • Need some connectors - will price adafruit

Safety officers

  • Anything that is kinetic should have some safety office designated
  • Expect more inspections.
  • Non-members should not be crashing here

Things people currently (and should?) buy

  • Buy hygiene and safety and and infrastucture:
    • Lightbulbs
    • Soap
    • Paper Towels
    • Safety Glasses
    • Work Gloves - Need?


Nation of Makers

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