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This page is to provide updates and documentation for the May 2015 Freeside Board of directors elections. Announcement of elections (sent to list):


One Year Terms

  • Nathan
  • Michelle
  • Slade

Six Month Terms

  • Crimson
  • Eldon


  • Unanimously Adopted

Director Nominees (in order of stated intention to run, click for platform)


Hello Freesiders! It's that time again for elections! Here is some info on how we will conduct the elections. In order to run for director, one must nominate oneself. This requires emailing me (the secretary) with your intent to run and platform. This will be preserved for our records on the wiki at https://wiki.freesideatlanta.org/fs/Election05May2015 Then you or I can send it to the email list.

There are many more details on that page, but the most important parts are: Electing 5 directors Three directors receiving most votes will hold office for 1 year Fourth and Fifth most voted director will be taking the remainder of the term of the currently vacant director seat 'til November. In case of a tie one director may concede a vote for the purpose of breaking the tie. You must nominate yourself to run by May 3rd! If you want to email your ballot, you may do so to secretary@freesideatlanta.org by 7 pm on the day of the election. If you want to vote by secret ballot, ballots will be provided at the Member's Meeting on the 5th of May. You must be in good standing both to run and to vote! We should be creating a meetup event for this shortly. If there are any questions, inconsistencies, or anything seems unclear, please shoot me an email and we will work it out!

Thanks, Eldon Secretary


Can I run for a position in the election?

All Freeside Members of any status, in good standing are eligible to run for a position in the election. They should nominate themselves for the position. To run for a position, announce your intent to the Secretary directly at secretary@freesideatlanta.org

Who can vote in the election?

Freeside members in good standing as of Election day.

What positions will be open to election?

5 Board positions are open for election.

How can we vote?

You can vote in person via secret ballot, or via email. If you wish to vote this way, contact the secretary directly: secretary@freesideatlanta.org

How can I make sure my candidate supports my values?

Speak up! Reach out to them via Email, the mailing list, the twitters, or at Freeside events! The only limit is yourself!