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Some of the core goals I would like to facilitate within Freeside are:

  • Fiscal Responsibility. I am generally in support of maintaining reasonable reserves, attempting to make sure that our expenses are efficient and benefit the community of the space in a broad way.
  • Gradual growth. It is a constant challenge to maintain the space as a sustainable culture, and checking for good fit from potential new members is absolutely critical. It is important that we as a group keep an open dialog and positive repetoir with our fellow members in order to keep the space safe and useful to to our overall mission and community as we participate and expand.
  • Effective use of the space. This includes
    • Facilitating keeping the space clean.
    • Facilitating documentation in the form of the wiki
    • Facilitating effective movement of items to appropriate storage, or to the recycle/obtainium shelves.
    • Make sure we are consistently offering classes and training on the tools that require such training, and improving the general usefulness (good repair, availability, and applicability) of the available work areas.

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you may have!

Thanks, Eldon

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