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Board Platform

I’m running for the board.

About me This year I have been Freeside’s treasurer.

I do a lot of keycard stuff and day to day stuff like getting our fire extinguishers inspected.

I run the programming team, and try to be active in the brainiacs group.

I also automated a number of Freeside’s systems like the gatecode, checking dues, and our meetup overlapping event warning system.

Back in college I created a hackerspace like club/lab and ran it for two years.

What I think could be improved at freeside I want to grow the membership and get more grants into freeside.

This would let us sponsor more projects and people and tools.

I would love freeside to be the place people know because they saw some awesome project of ours.

It seems like we have been making fewer awesome things recently.

How I want to Improve freeside I’d like to try a group robotics project meetup structured like brainiacs but with shorter term projects. I think this would generate a lot of awesome visible things for freeside.

I will be continuing to automate away some of the tedium in running freeside.

I would like to help Tom bring in more noble causes and grants.

Cheers, Nathan Burnham

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