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Freeside has several art pieces, completed and in progress, throughout the space. This page highlights each piece, its background, and the artist.

We're always looking to collect more information on the art in our space. If you have any info on these pieces, Contact us and we'll get it posted here.

Paranoia Board

The Paranoia Board is an open, interactive, and ongoing project with various members and non-members contributing to it from time-to-time. This is the Board as of March 2013.

Emily Pidgeon

I painted [I am not a number] in 2010 as part of my undergraduate thesis project, in which I used methods found in advertising and propaganda to communicate a positive message to the community. This particular piece was about democracy in the digital age, drawing from Iron Maiden's sample in "The Prisoner", the text serves as a protest to Orwellian self-fulfilling prophecies we've encountered in the digital era. The young man signifies a "little brother" figure, a young rebel of sorts who stands up to "big brother". In my mind, he represents hackers, artists, and activists. He represents anybody willing to stand up to tyranny in our modern world. The "copyleft" next to my signature grants the world permission to use and redistribute the work however they please. Information should be free and public. Art too, should be free and public.

Daniel Sanzone

Check out more of Daniel's circuitry art on his website.

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