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Freeside Minutes 4 May 2013

Start of meeting

Quorum reached

Purchase of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance for Freeside Atlanta

Empty space due to lack of secretary.

Cameron Kilgore recognized as secretary by a unanimous vote.

2:44 PM -- Cameron Kilgore begins serving position

2:44 PM -- Floor going to Steven

Has difficulty getting legal and accounting, has managed to open Shaw to provide their services to us through their non-profit initiatives.

Moving forward on the DNO insurance. Alan may need to re-do this policy, bundling sexual harassment and other policies. Galley suggests going ahead with said policies.

DNO Moved to next agenda

2:48 PM -- Business Cards, Promos, Marketing

Steven has procured new business cards to better promote Freeside. Galley member Sage open to helping with a new design once his previous commitments have ended. He will discuss this with Steven one-on-one.

Alan makes remark about “adult playground” and got sassed about it. Hilarity ensues. Alan also proposed slogan proposed “Freeside: The container that holds the 3D printers.” Hilarity ensues.

2:55 PM -- Nick opens discussion about the BioLab.

He is opposed to it due to medical and public safety risks. Steven supports this measure to an extent -- he does not want microbial faunae growing in Freeside.

Randy suggests using one of the facility vents (intended for the dryer) with a hood for a chemistry set. Alan opening to negotiating access as part of lease extension.

Steven outlines that we do all biohacking at Mass Collective instead of at Freeside, suggesting Mass Collective’s staff and equipment.

Discussion opens to permitting some form of biohacking (moss graffiti). Nick feels this is safer due to lack of infectious diseases.

Discussion about status of Media Lab -- including relocating to the location of the Ham Shack or finishing renovations to expand it to the complete loft space. Deemed to be a long-term issue by Alan.

Discussion to move the futon out of the Media Lab to open it up more.

Discussion of the blackroom -- we may repurpose it for the Biolab and we may offset photo development to Wonderroot

3:08 PM -- Sales tax

Topic pertains to the sales tax Randy is still taking lead on the sales tax matters with Adafruit goods. It’s complicated.

Nick wants to keep this going, citing Adafruit’s reach.

Steven is concerned about the lack of possible profit from stocking Adafruit materials at the space, citing shrink.

3:11 PM -- Discussions

Tuesday Night Meetings cover the promos/marketing aspects. Talks are planned.

3:15 PM -- Credit Policy

Alan proposes a Credit Policy for dues.

This will be voted upon in the next agenda.

3:19 PM -- SR Team purchasing on Electrical

Alan bought the wrong thing, all can be resolved. Discussion on who handles electrical purchases (should it be reviewed by SR first?). Steven has reservations about this approach given that lighting was installed in Media Lab by a trained electrician. If we make SR dependent upon it, complexity and liability increases.

We don’t have a purchasing policy. Nor do we have a procurement process.

This will be reviewed in the next agenda.

3:27 PM -- Acknowledgement of policies

Can of worms opened. Randy points out we don’t have a member agreement.

Randy suggests a monthly email to the member list to outline a policy.

3:35 PM -- Bathroom Art

Concerns about the obvious meme “Mega Milk” in the bathroom. Nick thinks it could be sexist and offensive. Reinforced by complaint by a Freesider made to Nick. Argument made that with other memes, it has context and is not sexist.

Alan suggests that by adding QR Codes to some of the memes to reference their Know Your Meme page could help reduce concerns.

Long discussion with no real consensus, and an implication it will be discussed on Saturday’s member meeting.

3:50 PM -- Members Meeting

Topics that might be discussed on Tuesday are discussed.

Thingomatic -- Nick says it was in good working order until it broke. It relates to Sailfish software being out of date. Nick is posting a public call for help on this to get it sorted out.

Board matters and restructuring discussed given the potential status of two of our members (Nick, Eldon).

4:22 PM -- Adjourned

End of minutes.

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