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Please list any wants, needs, donations or suggestions by zone.

Ninjas totally flipping rule. Also, we need more art. Put art on our walls!
Some art from Emily Pidgeon on one of the front walls in the space



  • Battery backup system for Vuvuzela node access control(s)
  • Wiki catalog and QR labeling of any Freeside- or member-owned equipment, tools, and devices
  • Battery backup system for security cameras
  • Run AC and Heating to HAM shack, Scary Bathroom, Member and Project Storage, Loft
  • Finish Vuvuzela access node, replicate, and install throughout where access control is needed
  • Sputnik Disco Ball
  • Murals
  • Video Wall with random crap on it / TV in main space. Projector style!
  • Constructivist art



  • Get functioning display, information kiosk and website
  • Motion sensor for interior light
  • Re-insulate front door
  • Play member-specific audio file on entry


  • Mount projector
  • Add electrical outlets

Server Room

  • Server room door, with Vuvuzela node access control
  • Network plan implementation
  • Wiki catalog and QR labeling of equipment, servers, devices
  • Battery backup system for zoneminder server
  • Aimetis? Longwatch?

Front Bathroom

  • Bathroom Drywall and paint
  • Fix Bathroom Door
  • Lighting in washroom
  • Remove shower and add sink and vanity
  • Finish internet memes mural



  • Finish painting walls
  • More artwork
  • Drywall (where?)
  • Activate or remove non functional outlets
  • Mark with paint a "keep clear" path to the back


  • Partition outlet, wiring fixed
  • Paint stage black
  • Wire up track lighting
  • Folding chairs
  • New mural
  • Roku/media server
  • Nicer couches and other furniture
  • Playatech or Playatech inspired seating for auditorium

Shared Storage

  • Consolidate shelves
  • Audit and throw out non-useful items
  • Add additional workstation
  • More smaller bins for sorting specific items

Project Storage

  • Shelving
  • Door with Vuvuzela node access control

Ham Shack

  • Add outlets
  • Shelving
  • Insulate against outside noise for broadcasting
  • Swap out red/mahogany desk
  • Replace door with solid door

Scary Bathroom

  • Tiles
  • Lighting
  • Work area for chemicals or biology
  • Ventilation
  • AC and Heat

Member Storage

  • Rework shelving to allow for extra capacity for each individual member
  • Audit and remove old or unclaimed material
  • Wiki catalog and QR label any member-owned equipment that is available to other members
  • Install additional non-food, non-drink fridge for keeping materials cold
  • Vuvuzela access control node to operate door


  • First Aid Kit (LARGE for "real" emergencies; plus additional band-aids/what-not)


Main Warehouse (General)

  • Work sink
  • Drywall to ceiling, curtain at entrance
  • Security camera pointed to laser cutter
  • Cover up graffiti with artwork
  • Fume hood
  • Caulk windows above double-door entrance
  • Install porthole windows on double-doors
  • Re-install door stops for double-doors
  • Lit-up sign to indicate workshop is being used


  • Labeling material storage sections
  • 110V electrical drops, to eliminate all trip-hazard extension cords on floor

Tool Room

  • Tool room door, with Vuvuzela node access control
  • More pegs for organization
  • Pegboard for hanging tools
  • Wiki catalog and QR labeling of tools
  • Marking tools (blue)
  • Vuvuzela access control door?
  • Chain-link fence to extend tool room?


  • Pulldown UV screen or curtains
  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Security camera pointed to mill and lathes
  • Relocate metal tools in main workshop to here
  • Marking tools (pick color)
  • Vuvuzela access control and locking magnet on the garage door


  • Deploy fireproof chemical storage cabinets (stacked)
  • Ramp for vehicles (not brackets/stands)
  • Shelving
  • Electrical, 220V and 110V
  • Marking tools (red)


Media Lab

  • Full length table
  • Shades or stained glass windows to dim workshop lighting
  • Getting the LED strips working again
  • Wiki catalog and QR labeling of Freeside equipment


  • Flooring
  • Audit and remove any member items
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