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Our classroom is ready

We offer many free classes and workshops. Some are recurring, informal meet-ups and others are more formal lectures or hands-on activities.

Taught by volunteers

Our classes are taught by volunteers, so they are fairly inexpensive. If you are interested in teaching a class, all you have to do is answer a few questions and we'll get with you to work out the details on scheduling and promoting it. Alternatively, you can come to the Activities and Culture team meetings on the third Saturday of the month to work it out with us one-on-one. Make sure to check Meetup to confirm that it's still on.

Customized to members

We try to build schedules for classes and project meeting that work for the highest number of interested members. If you fill out this form, we will consider you in scheduling meetings and upcoming events. We will also contact you for short-term or one-time events if they fit into your schedule. If you'd like to show your availability, but wouldn't like to be contacted, just leave the email field blank.

Open to non-members

If you are interested in attending a class and are not a member, either email the group ( or contact the member contact for the particular class you're interested in. We can ensure that you get the gate code for the Metropolitan complex, and that we are able to let you into the space (and that the class is still happening, of course).

Freeside is always looking for volunteers! If you're interested in speaking or giving a talk at Freeside, please fill out or application form. We'll contact you to help you schedule and promote your class, lecture, or workshop.

Upcoming Meetup Events

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