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= Zone =
= Zone =

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[edit] Zone

Equipment \ Electronics

[edit] About

What is this equipment used for. Brief description.

[edit] Owner(s)

  • Freeside

[edit] Hackability

Do Not Hack! If you're interested in making improvements, coordinate on the public or member mailing list.

[edit] Permissions

Rules and expectations for use of this piece of equipment. Example:
For general use by members after they have completed an appropriate training course. Treat this equipment as if it were your own cleaning items off of the top of the machine and around its table after usage.

[edit] Restrictions

Things the equipment shouldn't be used for, limitations, etc (Don't grind aluminum or brass, etc)

  •  ??
  •  ??

[edit] Caution

  • Do not taunt Death-Bot
  •  ??

[edit] Basic Instructions

  • Step 1
  • Step 2

[edit] Specifications and Detailed Instructions

Info.jpgURL to product page if it exists
RTFM.PNGURL to product manuals
Video.jpgLink to videos showing good examples of use

[edit] Tips

  •  ??
  •  ??

[edit] Warnings

  • Entrapment.png Entrapment Risk
  • Flammable.png Flammable Risk
  • HighSpeedMovingParts.png High Speed Moving Parts
  • NonIoizingRadiation.png Non-Ionizing Radiation (RF)
  • Cutting.PNG Cutting Risk
  • Crush.png Crush and Pinch Risk
  • ElectricShock.PNG Electric Shock Risk
  • ElectricShock.PNG High Voltage

[edit] Safety

  • Goggles.PNG Eye Protection Required
  • RTFM.PNG Read the Fine Manual
  • WashHands.PNG Wash Hands Prior/After Use
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