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<gallery widths=200px heights=200px>
<gallery widths=200px heights=200px>
File:JAM.1.jpg|The JAM
File:JAM.1.jpg|Completed, welded frames
File:JAM.2.jpg|The JAM 2
File:JAM.2.jpg|Brian welding the frames together
File:JAM.3.jpg|The JAM
File:JAM.3.jpg|The frame of the entire structure
File:JAM.4.jpg|The JAM 2
File:JAM.4.jpg|Brian and Don cutting some of the panels to size
File:JAM.5.jpg|The JAM
File:JAM.5.jpg|Prototype of the carousel
File:JAM.6.jpg|The JAM 2
File:JAM.6.jpg|Kevin and Edward completing the prototype
File:JAM.7.jpg|The JAM
File:JAM.7.jpg|Mark and Edward discussing the carousel
File:JAM.8.jpg|The JAM 2
File:JAM.8.jpg|Brian and Alan discuss panel assembly
File:JAM.9.jpg|Completed carousel prototype, ready for testing
File:JAM.10.jpeg|Detailed plans for carousel
File:JAM.11.jpeg|Carousel plans, top view
File:JAM.12.jpeg|Plans for floor where carousel rests

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The JAM is a machine that distributes art. This project was fully funded by the Alchemy community. We are on track to collect somewhere between 200-300 pieces of art to distribute, including works by Catlanta and Evereman.

The JAM explores two of the 10 core Burning Man principles: Decommodification and Gifting. We express Gifting by distributing art through the machine. Gifting trees are a familiar sight at Burns, but suffer from accumulating trash or trinkets. By gifting art (a gift in itself) we create a sort of on-demand gifting tree. We express Decommodification by not allowing the JAM to accept money. Instead, art is distributed by the machine on a timer. The machine lights up, and you push a button to receive art.

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