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Equipment \ Server Room


The J2320 is the hardware used to to help manage the network. It runs Pfsense allowing us to have VPN, Duel Wifi, Vlans, and much more in the space..

Has an AMI bios,

Console Port

115200/8/1/n == Bios 115200/8/1/n == Should be for PFsense

Console Pin-out

Pin Signal Direction Description
1 DCD <– Carrier Detect
2 RxD <– Receive Data
3 TxD –> Transmit Data
4 DTR –> Data Terminal Ready
5 Ground Signal Ground
6 DSR <– Data Set Ready
7 RTS –> Request To Send
8 CTS <– Clear To Send
9 RING <– Ring Indicator


  • Freeside




Rules and expectations for use of this piece of equipment.
For general use by members after they have completed an appropriate training course. Treat this equipment as if it were your own cleaning items off of the top of the machine and around the rack as needed.


Things the equipment shouldn't be used for, limitations, etc

  • ??
  • ??


Things a user should know prior to using the equipment (turn on power supply prior to plugging in USB, etc)

  • COntact Network team if reset is
  • ??

Basic Instructions

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Contact Network team if restart is Requested

Specifications and Detailed Instructions

Info.jpgURL to product page if it exists
RTFM.PNGURL to product manuals
RTFM.PNGURL to users manuals
Info.jpgURL to Pfsense
Video.jpgLink to videos showing good examples of use


  • Notify Network team of malfunction..
  • ??


Delete those that do not apply

ElectricShock.PNG Electric Shock Risk

ElectricShock.PNG High Voltage


Delete those that do not apply

RTFM.PNG Read the Fine Manual