Loanation Policy

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Freeside's workshop has historically grown on the generosity of our members and community loaning equipment and tools to the space. While we prefer to receive these items as Donations (we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your donation can be tax deductible) there are still some items of large value and utility that we are happy to accept on loan.

In order to ensure that these items are made accessible to our members and the public (through events, classes, and projects), and to ensure that they are used in line with the owner's wishes, Freeside requires that the owners of loaned equipment enter into a Loanation Agreement. Such an agreement will outline the terms and conditions of the equipment loan, including restrictions and conditions of access to the equipment.

In general, the more open the access to the equipment, the simpler the agreement will be. Usage restrictions placed upon a piece of equipment will require that certain other conditions to be met (such as requiring that periodic training being offered) in order to ensure that a piece of equipment is kept accessible.

Other conditions of the agreement may specify the terms of continued access, or timelines for removal should the loaner cease to be a Member in Good Standing, or either the loaner or the Freeside Board chooses to terminate the agreement.

The conditions of a specific agreement will be determined between the loaner and the Freeside Board, recorded by the Secretary, and reviewed periodically (at least annually).

A sample Loanation Agreement is available.