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The Meme Cabinet, as it is eloquently called, is a project to build a Mame Cabinet oriented around internet culture.

The project is currently in the halted phase, but is not far from completion. This document covers what has been completed, and what remains.

It is possible to resume work on the project with this data. The only limit is yourself!

The inception of the project

An ex-member gifted two working Sega Zilog Z80 arcade machines to Freeside, along with a computer full of MAME ROMs and a controller. We decided to sacrifice the Shadow Dancer cabinet in a glorious ritual (not unlike the goat ritual) and give birth to a meme-oriented arcade machine to relieve all those classic arcade and console hits!

The current status of the project is that is functional with a LCD monitor and external game controllers. Unfortunately, nobody has interest in finishing it to full functionality. Unless...

Current Punchlist

Install a CRT Screen.

  • The current LCD screen (w/ VESA mount) is not sufficient for standing gaming and is very impractical. A CRT would maximize visibility and assure a genuine appearance
  • Most effective CRT mount would be to build supports around a 12 diagonal screen and support it from the side supports (diagram forthcoming)

Decorate with memes

  • Nyan Cat is still popular, right?

Install and fine-tune controls

  • Located on top of the cabinet, connect with and are configured using two PS/2 sockets. Rightmost cable to mouse, leftmost to keyboard.
  • Most labor-intensive given the modifications needed to be made to the cabinet in its current form to support this control

Expose interface sockets

  • Give moulding to USB ports on the front
  • Expose a IEC-60320 C13 outlet and ethernet adapter on the back
    • Basically move the power supply out of the case onto a supporting wall (the back, ideally), make it pretty with moulding
  • Tie all electronics to a core power switch on the case
    • One such switch exists on the top, ready to be rewired.
  • Add Wifi if possible

Hardware Specifications

  • Unknown i686 System
    • VGA Output 1024x768
    • AC97-compatible sound board (unconfigured in ALSA)
  • Unknown version of Ubuntu Linux LTS
    • Pre-Unity
  • yaocade (or some Python-based XMAME launcher)
  • Tons of MAME arcade images, SNES, NES, Genesis roms
  • ZSnes
  • Gens


TBD. I have them written down somewhere. Most of the pertinent ones are in the Sketchup diagram

Safety Considerations


Crush.png Crush and Pinch Risk

ElectricShock.PNG Electric Shock Risk


Unplug.PNG Unplug during maintenance

Additional Resources