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Approved: 2013-MAR-02

In short:

  • East Bay is the autobay “Proper” for up to 7 day long auto projects.
  • West Bay is empty space for Loading and Unloading as well as Machine shop activities. It serves as a second autobay (24 hour max) when the East bay is occupied.
  • Autobay is managed by the Member-appointed “Zone Manager”

In Detail: The East roll up door is the Auto Bay (Formally). It can be reserved for periods of up to one week without the need of direct approval of Appointed Zone Manager (To be named, otherwise BOD appointment until then). If it is not reserved, it can be used on a first come first served basis. If another person wants to use the autobay, they must announce their intentions and remove their vehicle when they have reached their time limit.

Example 1: Mike Hackerschmidt announces to the FS Members Group, and CCs the Zone Manager, that he’ll be using the autobay for the next 7 days. Mike must move his vehicle when the 7 days are up, therefore possession does not roll onto 10, 15, 25 days, etc. If nobody has announced the use of the autobay during that time, Mike can “reapply” to use it again.

The West bay is reserved primarily for loading and unloading, but will be kept clean and empty. If the East auto bay is occupied, it can be used for short term auto repairs (less than 24 hours).

Example 2: Sally Tinkerstein wants to change the oil of her vehicle, but must wait until Mike Hackerschmidt’s 7 days are up. However, if the West bay is available, she can reserve it for a quick 24 hour period of time to do so.

The rear of the West bay (away from the doors) will be the metal working area, with the mill/lathe/welders/molding/etc. The kiln could be located on a moving platform, and placed in/near the west bay when it's in use.

All tools should be cleaned and put away after use. Extension cords should be unplugged, wrapped, and hung. Air hoses should be properly coiled "over under". Any oil spills should be either cleaned, or soaked in oil absorber and cleaned within 48 hours (to give the absorber time to work). The floor should be swept as necessary.

Any equipment failures should be promptly reported (ex: a floor jack that stops working) so that repairs can be made.

This makes the West auto bay a multi-use area. It can be used for the kiln, metal working, or auto repairs.

The primary purpose of the Zone Manager is for conflict prevention and conflict resolution. It is important that he/she be included in autobay discussions or queries and is provided contact information of autobay users for Members are encouraged to conduct themselves professionally and avoid unnecessary episodes.

Example 3: Mike Hackerschmidt has 3 more days on his reservation of the autobay, but Sally wants to quickly change the oil in her vehicle without cramping the Lathe-Jockeys hard at work in the West Bay. She is able to contact the zone manager to see if Mike doesn’t mind sharing the East bay for one hour. Mike may or may not choose to permit his vehicle to be moved during this brief period of time.

Please note: Sally, Mike, and the Zone Manager are “in the loop” and Mike’s reservation is respectfully honored

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