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Approved: 2013-MAY-04

Members are free to bring guests to Freeside. While hosting a guest, the member must remain present at Freeside. You may only leave a guest at Freeside if another member present voluntarily/willingly assumes the duties of host. Member access cards/codes/passwords/keys are never to be given to a guest.

Members have a responsibility to:

  • inform their guests about risks at Freeside
  • know the locations of safety equipment (fire extinguishers, first aid, exits, etc.)
  • inform their guests about Freeside rules and policies
  • supervise the conduct of their guests
  • never leave a guest alone in the space (without a member host), or allow a guest into a secured or dangerous area without member supervision

Guests have a responsibility to:

  • sign the liability waiver
  • only operate machinery under supervision of a member
  • follow safety rules for the workshop (i.e. eye protection)
  • abide by all Freeside rules and policies

The following rules only apply to member guests:

  • Guests are not allowed to sleep at Freeside except in the case of a scheduled all-night Freeside project
  • Guests are never allowed to remove tools, equipment, or supplies from Freeside without prior approval from an officer or director