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Approved: 2013-JUL-13

In general, Freeside promotes the use of its space for member-driven projects.

Members and their guests are free to work on collaborative projects in any location of Freeside at any time (barring any scheduling conflicts with classes, events or other projects), and put away works in progress in our project storage area.

In order to help prevent scheduling conflicts, it is encouraged to work with the Activities and Culture (AC) team to find out the availability of certain areas.

For long-term or larger projects that can’t be easily put away in project storage, the project lead should contact the AC team for approval to allocate storage space. In some cases, a storage fee might be charged at the discretion of the AC team.

Projects that have long-term storage negotiated in this way must provide a project end date to the AC team. On this date, the project lead can renegotiate storage terms with the AC team. Projects that exceed the end date are subject to the same notification requirements as excess member storage.

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