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Press Coverage

Reddit IAMA, I'm Caleb Kraft, Senior Editor

I tend to like the grungier ones more. Freeside Atlanta, Makers Local 256 ... If you need to shower after you worked there, it is my kind of place.

Freeside Atlanta Hacking an Economic Revolution:

A collective of inventors...Pioneers of open source and the Creative Commons...MakersSpace Wizards...These are all hats that the current 40 members hold at Freeside.

Announcement! Winners for LulzBot Hackerspace Printer Giveaway:

Among the hundreds of entries, the projects submitted by these eight hackers truly stood out. From holding classes to further educate the public on 3D design and printing, to making advances in practical and medical devices - and always keeping their work free and open – we are confident that our printers will be put to excellent use by these outstanding winners.

Maker Faire ATL 3D Printer Write-Up:

The response to the event by attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and it served to demonstrate the strong interest in 3D printing technology in Atlanta.

Hack A Day:

Freeside Hackerspace is a 5,500 square foot facility that feels like it just goes on and on...If you have a project in mind, they’ve got the space and tools to make it happen.

TechDrawl:’s a place where people passionate about science, technology, and digital projects can meet, collaborate and hang out. It can be an open community lab, a machine shop, a work shop, a studio or a combination of these where people can share resources and knowledge to build neat stuff.

Creative Loafing:

'You don't just have to hack computers,' says interim President James Sheheane. 'You can hack metal, you can hack wood.'

'That speaks to what we're all about,' Storey says. 'Making cool stuff out of nothing.'

Media Inquiries

If you would like to do a story about us, please let us know by contacting

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