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01: 3D Printing


  • Griffin


Requires additional sign off. Maintenance beyond changing filament, leveling, or nozzle swaps is not allowed except if given explicit permission by Freeside management. Treat equipment as if it were your own and put away as or better than you found it.


  • Can print any and all filament up to 300c on the hotend and 110c on the bed


This is a Creality Ender 3 S1. It has a 220mm x 220mm x 250mm print volume. This machine was set aside to allow advanced users to tinker with more filaments. It is encouraged that users slice on their own computers if possible to avoid cluttering Cura in the 3D printing lab.

Basic Instructions

  • Slice print on your own computer
  • Upload file to the Octoprint instance at 3dpserver.local:1008
  • Start print
  • Find out

Basic Operational Knowledge

  • How to home:
 Press the Home button under the control tab in Octoprint
  • How to slice and send to the printer:
 You should know how to do this if you've been given the sign off
  • How to abort a failed job
 Press "cancel print" then "stop print" in Octoprint. There is also an Estop button in Octoprint. If needed, power off the machine with the power switch on the back left of the printer.
  • How to properly remove a print once it has been completed
 Remove the flexible bed and wait for it to cool. If the print is not yours, set the bed aside and do not remove the print. Replace the print bed with another.
  • How to load and unload filament
 Set the hotend temperature in Octoprint to the printing temperature of the currently loaded filament
 Press the level on the top of the extruder and pull the filament out
 Adjust the hotend temperature to the new filament being loaded
 Press the level and insert filament into the top of extruder
 Push some filament in such that it begins to come out of the nozzle

Advanced Operational Knowledge

You should know advanced things if you've been given sign off for this machine

Cura Preconfigured Profiles

There will be no preconfigured profiles for Chucko.

Specifications and Detailed Instructions

TODO: complete specifications, links to documentation, etc.


  • You will be allowed to do whatever you see fit with this machine when getting signed off. You will be responsible for any failures you cause.


  • General 3D printer safety applies.
  • This machine will print higher temp filaments. Keep an eye on it especially when setting the bed to a high temperature.

Proposed Improvements - Anybody is welcome to offer help with these!

  • Enclosure