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Artisan 1430 using INKXPRO Dye Sub Ink Owner: Scott McGraw

Loanation Terms:

  • Available for public use. No Training Required
  • Removal from Freeside to be preceded by min 2 week notice
  • Damage not covered by Freeside
  • Materials not covered by Freeside

Usage: Don't break it please. Print using Sawgrass PowerDriver 1430. Need to register to download. Just give them fake info, and a fake serial number.

Usage for Coated Aluminum: Print onto Dye Sub Transfer Paper

Heat Press 400 degrees for 60 seconds.

  • Rubber Mat on bottom, paper on mat, aluminum in middle, Teflon on top.
  • Heat Through Aluminum
  • Teflon prevents errant fumes from contaminating heat press

!Don't breath in the fumes!

Recommend printing oversize, and cutting aluminum to size with bandsaw beforehand. Otherwise some sublimation ink will contaminate the rest of the aluminum.

Sand edges after cutting. Affix using Kapton Tape to prevent sliding. Let cool before removal of paper to prevent ghost images from sliding.

Note: CIS system needs to be slightly elevated. Too Low, and ink drains from cartridges. Too high and ink is pushed through printer nozzles.

Reset ink levels by pressing ink change button, then pressing reset button on cartridges for 3 seconds.

Test print should be done ~ monthly to avoid drying ink in nozzles. This is true of any ink printer though.

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