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Expenses for the online services (Paypal, Meetup, Google Checkout, Dwolla) were not recorded last month, which added about $50 to the expenses.


Reserves stand at 2.87mo of revised operating expenses. This is a moderate increase from last month’s totals, due to additional revenue from classes.


Income of $4191 came in at $1551 over budget. We caught up a few members on dues, but most of the revenue came from classes. September smashed the record for class revenue previously held by May.


Operating expenses came in about $150 over budget at $2735. This month, we a higher than average utility bill (both water and electric). Some teacher payments from classes last month also “landed” on this month, which also contributed to bringing us slightly over budget.


  • 44 Active [29 Full, 4 Joint, 11 Starving Hacker]
  • 2 Probation
  • 6 Suspended

50 Total Members