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It's now super easy to keep Freeside clean, fresh, and rodent-free. Help take out the trash.

Instead of carting the trash all the way to the other side of Metro Warehouses, we now have our own dumpster out back. Just roll up the door and you will see it there.

You will need the key that is attached to the railroad spike hanging to the left of the roll up door. The padlock comes off easily but the latch itself is fiddly. There's a thin metal latch right where the lock was. You will need to rotate it towards you, but not all the way, and pull the big lever on top toward you. It's hard to figure out how to do it exactly right, but fiddle with it and it will pop open for you.

If you have recycling at home, it would be great of you to take some home with you.

Thanks! You're aces!

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