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  • Daily Checks

- safety

- security

- mail

- lights

 - outside front
 - fluorescents

- damage to tools

- messes (garbage, waste material, sawdust, sand) left out

- projects camping on work surfaces or the floor

- other damage to space

- toilet paper in place

- paper towels in place

- dishwashing liquid

- stock levels of staples

- hand soap

- sink clear

- outages in vending machine

  • Manners
    • Being an animal

- flush the toilet after use

- clean the toilet if you dirty it

- refill the Brita water decanter

- if you use up a roll of toilet paper or paper towels, dispose of the roller tube and replace the roll of paper

- clear your food, dishes, and containers

 - trash in a trash can
 - dishes and utensils rinsed or wiped, and put in the dishwasher

- if you are the unlucky soul that fills a trashcan, empty it

- if you take a nap, fold blankets and fluff pillows and cushions

    • Being a human

- do not leave your personal items, phones, or computers in the middle of a work surface or table

- if you cook stuff, clean appliances, counters, and cookware, and load the dishwasher

    • Being a maker

- clean worksurfaces you use after use

- put tools back

- sweep the floor where you worked if you produced much trash at all

- after use, clean sawdust, waste material, and such off of the tools you used, work surfaces, and the floor (including cleaning stuff off of scales!)

- if you break or damage a tool, report that

- find a reasonable home for ongoing projects

- empty trashcans you filled

- if you produce other collections of trash, get them to the next step of disposal

  • Once in a while, to do your part

- sweep a substantial area of floor

- clean off a large tool

- empty smaller trashcans into larger ones

- take a large trashcan-worth of trash to the dumpster

- empty the dishwasher

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