Kali's Flamethrower

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You may hear it said on occasion that various strange and fantastic machines have been made at Freeside. The original Money Gun. A Whack-a-Mole game with a certain orange president as it's pernicious targets. A chainsaw with rubber tongues instead of a normal chain meant for high-powered oratory needs. And Kali's flamethrower....

Our former member Kali Styles made a habit of creating well thought out but utterly bonkers devices, and at one point she got an itch to make herself a flamethrower. After doing some research on the topic, it's legality, how others have built them, and their practical possibilities as a fetish toy (unfortunately impractical), she set about taking parts from paintball guns, pressure washers, an army backback, a propane torch, and various other odds and ends fabricated in the shop, and built an astoundingly competent flame thrower. Raul, another member did an amazing job documenting this process, and weaving a fun narrative about it in the video below: