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Cast acrylic and extruded acrylic will produce different results. Figures listed below are for extruded acrylic, which is more common and less expensive. If you aren't sure if your acrylic is extruded or cast, it is most likely extruded.

3 mm / 0.11" clear

Power: 3.0

Feedrate: 70 mm/min

3 mm / 0.11" opaque

Power: 3.0

Feedrate: 70 mm/min


3 mm / 0.11" corrugated

Power: 1.0

Feedrate: 200 mm/min


Foams have a much higher tendency to melt and warp from the heat byproduct of the laser, so a higher power setting and faster feedrate is ideal to produce clean cuts all the way through the material.

1 mm / 0.4" craft foam

Power: ?

Feedrate: ?

6 mm / 0.23" EVA foam

Power: 5.0

Feedrate: 600 mm/min