Member Minutes 13 July 2013

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Freeside Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 2013 July 13

BOD Members in Attendance: Steven, Igor, Randy, Alan, Eldon Also in attendance: Kendra, Cameron, Rachel

Quorum Reached. Donuts aplenty.

Policy: Member Censure/Probation/Termination

Final wording around termination and member standings passed, policy is now complete.

Policy passed a BOD vote.

Policy: Project Storage

Policy had additional changes to assure that the proper teams at Freeside could communicate requirements about moving projects.

Policy passed a BOD vote.

Policy: Member Storage

Policy passed a BOD vote.

Policy: Organizational Governence

Discussion regarding the purposes behind this policy resulted in it being initially tabled, but after discussion regarding contentious points oriented around the manner in which officers act upon Freeside matters, and the roles members should assume in representing the space were resolved, it was returned to a vote.

Policy passed a BOD vote.

Policy: Public Meetings and Events

Continuing discussion to refine attendant requirements. Some Officers had reservations about a 2-member limit.

Policy tabled pending further discussion.

Policy: Pets Policy

Discussion was unanimous around restricting pets. Most of it oriented around our need to require service animals. Resolution was made in the wording of the policy.

Policy passed a BOD vote.

Report: June Financial Report

Report mostly known by all of BOD, but cliff noting it for minutes: Reserves stand at 2.38mo  of revised [1]  operating expenses. Income of $3170 came in at $530 over budget . Operating expenses came in about $240 under budget at $2350.

General consensus is that new efforts to reduce power costs (namely the Nest thermostat) are increasing the general savings at the space.

Report: Past Due Memberships, Suspensions

For June and July:

39 Active [23 Full, 3 Joint, 8 Student, 5 Starving Hacker] 2 Probation 3 Suspended

Consensus is that membership is dropping off, and that new efforts to promote increases should continue.

Report: IT Projects

Vuvuzela is coming along at a rapid pace. Alan and Eric are dropping Ethernet cables to improve access to services in the workshop.

A 30-day trial run of Freedcamp for issue tracking will start across the Teams, Officers, and BOD.

Report: Legal and Accounting Leads

Steven is still exploring finding these resources.

Finding another 501(c)3 to sponsor Freeside is an option that is seriously being evaluated. While reservations of School Factory ring in our minds, this is the best option to get legal and financial security. All BOD members encouraged to report their findings on this front within the next BOD meeting.

Report: New Membership and Enrollment

5 Members joined in June and July (as of this meeting)

Report: Membership Resignations

3 Members resigned in June and July

Discussion: Chop Saw

Discussion of the events of 8 July. No hard feelings. Consensus is that further refinement of loaned tools is needed in the member process, and that cameras in the workshop should be functional. We will be turning to the various teams at the space to make sure we are effectively loaning out tools.

Discussion: Onboarding

Many of the officers (namely Alan, Steven, and Cameron) are frustrated by the current onboarding process and expectations. Efforts are underway to improve this process to clarify expectations of members on some matters, such as the members mailing list. Most of these can be done without bylaw changes.

Discussion: Members List and Members Notification

Cameron will create a report of people who should or should not be on Members, and act upon it. Simple as: Members who aren’t involved with Freeside will be removed. Those who left involuntarily will be asked in person to return.

A Members-Announce list will be created, and as part of Onboarding, all members will be required to be on this mailing list as a condition of membership .

Discussion: Auto Bay Usage

Self-resolving issue. Safety and Risk team will be more involved in the management of the auto bay.

Discussion: Workshop Rules & Policies

Randy created some initial rules . These rules will be refined by the Safety and Risk Management team.

Other topics of discussion to occur on BOD Mailing Lists.

[1]  FY2013 Budget was revised based on the 6mo midterm analysis and is pending BOD approval.