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* How to Provide Power to Workshop 120v Tools

Currently, electrical power is being delivered to the table saw and work tables using extension cords. This is poor practice, because the 
extension cords get taken for other purposes, and pose a trip hazard.

A pair of alternatives for delivering power to the workshop are being considered: on the floor, and through the air.

I think some discussion is in order. I will fully support any decision the board makes.

Any input on this issue will be valued.  I'd like to have the board come to a decision by 7 October so that talking points for use with
 electricians can be completed.

As I see it, each alternative has strengths:

** Floor - 

*** Pros:
- simple
- less in-the-way- protective floor panels can also be used to route air power and signals.
- provides power to the east wall

*** Cons:
- requires running power from west wall to east wall just to run it to the center on the floor
- much conduit required

** Air - 

**** Pros:
- lower need for conduit
- more flexible, if final mile cables are on wheels that can store excess length of cable when not needed

*** Cons:
- are rollers expensive?
- quads on vines might get in-the-way
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