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Approved: 2013-JUL-13

Edited: 1/19/2016 to reflect updated storage size

In general, Freeside does not provide long-term storage solutions for its members’ equipment and projects. However, exceptions can be made for equipment, tools, consumables, and raw materials that add value to the space and other members.

As part of any membership, members are granted storage space with dimensions of approximately 23x32x12in (Room for two standard 12 gallon totes, one in front, one in back). Members are responsible for providing their own storage bins, and securing their belongings in them. No loose storage will be permitted. Freeside members are expected to respect other members’ property in member storage.

Restricted materials are not allowed to be stored in member storage. The list of these materials is maintained by the SR team.

If a member stores equipment, tools, consumables, or raw materials in excess of their member storage or SR-approved storage, then Freeside will send the member a notification to remove anything in excess storage, subject to the terms of the notification.

When membership is terminated, the former member is notified to remove their property, subject to the terms of the notification(s). Notifications are given upon termination, and then 2 weeks after the first notice, a second notice is given.

If a member notified in this manner does not remove their property subject to the terms of the notification, then the property is considered forfeit and may be removed, sold, or absorbed by Freeside (after a minimum of 30 days).

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