Policy Reimbursement

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Approved: 2012-DEC-01

Only Freeside members may be reimbursed for approved expenses. To avoid conflict of interest, reimbursement is not allowed for member/member transactions, or in cases where a member has a relationship to the seller, i.e., friend, family, employer. Such transactions must occur through Freeside’s procurement process.

A member is required to present the expenses to the SR team as an itemized list with a printed receipt of the transaction(s). If a printed receipt is not available, e.g., a cash transaction for used equipment, then the seller must sign an affidavit of the transaction with their contact information provided.

For small expenses (<$50) reimbursement may be issued with the approval of an officer.

For large expenses (>$50), or any entertainment expenses, reimbursement requires pre-approval of the Board of Directors prior to purchase.

Transactions for larger expenses (>$500) must go through Freeside’s procurement process.

The Treasurer shall issue reimbursement by check to a member when the requirements for reimbursement are met. A receipt of the reimbursement shall be issued and kept on record, and include the member’s name and the amount of reimbursement.

Records of reimbursements shall be kept indefinitely.