Short term project storage

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Placeholder: Short Term Project Storage is for storing active projects that exceed your Member Storage allocation. This space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are not actively working on the project (don't plan on being back in a few weeks), you should make plans to take it with you when you leave, or fit it into your member storage.

Projects must be labelled with a Short Term Project Storage Pass Projects should be contained in a box, or placed on a tray as much as possible to help keep your project pieces together, and minimize loss and damage if they must be moved.

Abandoned or idle projects may be moved to make room. Properly labeling and containing your project will help insure that if it is moved, you'll know where it went.

All storage and workshop policies are still in effect for the Short Term Project Storage area. Flammables and other hazardous materials must be properly labelled and stored. MSDS sheets must be provided for any liquid or dry chemical that is not a household product and/or not in the original manufacturers container with legible labels.