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Template:TOC Freeside Member since inception, And Recently Board Member

Serial Startup-Stage developer

General Disassembler of Electronic Junk

Habitual OS reinstaller

Meetup Junkie

Maintainer of ancient (Java|Perl|Bash) Systems

IT Wishlist

  • SSH/terminal based access to all non-node machines on network
    • Key based access
  • Quick route to bring up new VM's
  • HTML5 based VNC access to machines with graphical consoles

IT Todos (in the order I hope to get them done, includes documentation)

  • VPN access via vm. (Should be <1hr of work, I think I have the process down)
    • Create new ubuntu vm
    • Open VPN port on Cisco Router to shell
    • DNAT (iptables) from shell to vpn vm

This ended up being complicated. Nobody else was really around to maintain it, and the setup is a bit complex. I turned it off after heartbleed.

* Set up zoneminder on the short box in the bottom of the rack. If Randy doesn't get to it first.Using BlueIris

  • More regular backups of member's wiki / on-site mirror. Alan reset the amazon password, and I am tired of having to password-reset to use the darn thing
  • Monitoring server/zabbix? Ain't nobody ever gonna bother to check something like this
  • Auto powercycle if the BlueIris box isn't pingable for some time period.