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Jonathan Popham

  • Biochemistry Background
  • Software Nerd
  • DIY === <3
  • Slowly delving into pure virtual consciousness
  • Amateur Shaman

Freeside Projects

  • President @ Freeside Technology Spaces, Inc.
  • MARBAS Skateboard
  • MAME Cabinet
  • The "can Freeside Public Access actually happen" Show

Presidential Platform

Goals for the space

We should increase membership with a goal of 150 active members.

I think that we can work together to make Freeside develop into the magnificent bird of the cosmos that it is destined to be.

Ideas for Freeside to grow and prosper

  • Co-Hosted Event: specifically Mass Collective (We want a biolab? The have laminar flow hoods and a liquid handler); WonderRoot (We want to develop photos? They have a full scale Dark Room); & Invention Studio (We need to use their water jet? They need an escape from GT bureaucracy, could be win/win)
  • Freeside Field Trips: Let's get groups together and go hang out in other workspaces
  • Public Art Installations: Slingshot, Alchemy, Euphoria, Flux, Transformus, maybe eventually Burning Man.
  • Freeside Podcast: e have the talent to do real video production that could be broadcast on youtube and public access right away
  • Keep the space ready to use: Figure out a system to keep the project areas clear and the project storage organized, and then find a way to keep that cycle unbroken, that way we can be always ready to work. (I admit this is the biggest challenge, a la cat herding)

Why did I run?

Some of the members asked me to and after thinking about it I think it's a step I'm ready to take. I want to help direct the space into it's next form. I want to ensure that the future of the space is even better than it is now and that we can all build and grow our dream of Freeside together. I have the communication skills to build strong ties with other local spaces. I'm highly involved in the space. I stay up to date with what everyone is working on so I can help with resolving member to member issues when need be.

Tech Skills

  • Linux (Debian/Kali, CentOS)
  • Ruby (rails, gosu, mina, capistrano)
  • Javascript (angular, polymer)
  • Google Cloud Platform (endpoints, compute engine, app engine)
  • Laser Cuttery
  • Woodworking
  • Soldering
  • Pi, BeagleBone, Flora
  • Open Wet Ware
  • Oculus Rift, Unity, Haptic feedback
  • novel scientific research
  • can guide you in a vision quest

other hats

  • Organizer Google Developer Group Atlanta
  • Fullstack/Angular Developer @ (writing RESTful angular API)
  • bloggin'


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