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Nathan Burnham

I'm Nathan, I'm that guy with the google glass. I have been a freeside member since Sept 2013.


  • Host Freeside programming team.
  • Hosted Ted Talk & Discussion Night / Freeside Futurism for a while.
  • Hosted Intro to arduino meetup.
  • M.S. Computer engineering
  • Quit my cushy embedded computer engineering job to try out a start-up.


  • Everything
  • Soft robotics
  • Algorithms
  • Linux
  • Start ups
  • Circuit Design
  • Embedded software
  • Android
  • Web
  • Google

Outside Freeside:

  • Run GDG Atlanta (Google Developer group).
  • Started Mercer Robotics Club (It is pretty much a college hackerspace).
  • Race sailboats (Thistles 6 years, 420s the 4 years before that).
  • Play poi.
  • vim > emacs

BOD Snippet

My thoughts on what core things make freeside great.

Things that make freeside great

  • Community
  • Making/doing cool thing

I want to focus on those two things. I think that when people do something cool in the space that is what will draw others to the space. I think most of the people that come to freeside want to make stuff or learn something. So this is what I think the feedback loop looks like.

  1. Freesiders make/do something cool.
  2. People outside see this cool thing.
  3. People outside come to freeside.
  4. People outside become freesiders and go to 1.

I would like to lube up this loop.

1. Freesiders make/do something cool.

I think the board should remove obstacles and facilitate this.

  • Encourage freesiders to do more cool things at freeside.
  • Make sure the space is equipped to make/do said cool things.
  • Make sure clutter or other things in the space are not getting in the way.
  • Help connect freesiders to projects they would like to work on.

Some experiments to try.

  • Keep track of ongoing projects more.
  • Remind people working on projects to keep working.
  • Ask them what is getting in their way.
  • Ask them if they would like us to keep an eye out for people to help.
  • Make this more measurable so we can gauge how we well thing we do work.

2. People outside see cool things.

  • Encourage freesiders to get projects to a state where they can tell people about it.
IE Finish it
  • Encourage freesiders to post their stuff more to the wiki/blog/facebook/their personal FB.

Some experiments to try

  • Other ways of promoting what we do.
  • Make this more measurable so we can gauge how we well thing we do work.

3. People outside come to freeside.

I think there are probably ways to make people more comfortable with coming to freeside.

Some experiments to try

  • Put up information in the space about where people should park.
I think a lot of people who come to the space have not read the parking thing online.
  • Make this more measurable so we can gauge how we well thing we do work.

4. People outside become freesiders.

  • Keep the space clean.
  • Make the space welcoming.
  • Connect new people with projects they would be helpful on.
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