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00: Welcome


  • Freeside


Any Freeside member can use this tablet with the attached Square terminal to collect credit/debit card payments, for classes, materials fees, or donations.


  • Do not remove from Freeside
  • Store the Asus TF-101 in the server room desk when not in use
  • Please do not root or reset data
  • Do not remove the attached Square register


Asus TF-101 touchscreen tablet for use by Freeside to collect visitor information and process Square payments.

Basic Instructions

  • Square Register app should be on home screen, just tap to run
  • Drive app should have the visitor information forms (or shortcuts on the home screen to the forms)

Specifications and Detailed Instructions

  • When entering payment information, please add a good description (ex. "Donation for running the projector for a presentation" or "Student payment for Arduino class, code: 232")
  • Offer a reciept to anyone that makes a payment
  • Class Codes are on the Google Drive, or ask the Secretary or Treasurer for assistance
  • Collect the email address of any students paying for classes in this manner, send email to payments@freesideatlanta.org with the class code and student email


  • Do not taunt Asus TF-101


  • Do not add new accounts; consider this device as you would a completely open, public terminal
  • Take a 5 minute break every hour of repeatedly poking the Asus TF-101 to prevent injury