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The Yamaha EG 112C guitar is a Stratocaster almost-clone. It has the usual three pickups, modern 5-way pickup switch, volume control, a single tone control (unlike a "real" Stratocaster), and an output jack on the side, or lower bout (like many Gibson electrics, and again unlike a "real" Stratocaster). It's been hanging around the space for close to a year in a nonfunctional state, and Tuesday, May 14, 02013 I ([Benbradley]) made an output jackplate, wired the output jack, and put strings on it. It plays rather well as-is. It's available for playing and further hacking.

The Freeside ID label on the back (on the bridge-spring cover plate) says "Owner" is Ben Bradley, but that's not true. As described above, it was in the space for a while and donated by some unknown person (perhaps Igor?), and is owned by Freeside. The label also says "Do Not Hack." This guitar actually sounds and plays pretty decently, and would probably better be left as-is as a usable guitar. The Starcaster by Fender is a lesser guitar and thus more amendable to random hacking. Benbradley (talk) 05:02, 2 October 2013 (UTC)