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What exactly comes with being a Freeside member? Some say it's the opportunity to contribute to an amazing culture and community of like-minded individuals that come together to build magnificent creations.

The only limit is yourself. Please join us!

Standard Benefits

  • 24/7 access to the space, its equipment, and materials
  • 20% discount on classes
  • Member voting rights to decide the fate of Freeside
  • Permission to hack the space and mold our environment and zones
  • Dedicated member storage box
  • Members-only wifi access points and services
  • Access to our members-only mailing list, discussion forum
  • Access to Freeside's shared drive full of our organization's documentation

Other Available Benefits

  • Blog access to post and show off your cool projects
  • Wiki account with edit rights
  • email address and account
  • Linux accounts to our various servers
  • Hosting your own server (with IT approval and setup)

Benefits through our Community

  • Discounts on Freeside classes
  • Cool swag like Freeside t-shirts and stickers, as we print them
  • Collective and bulk purchasing power with other Freeside members
  • And much, much more we really can't get into
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