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The lathe is one of the more dangerous tools in Freeside, as well as one of the most complex. As-such, do not use the lathe until you've either attended a class on it run by Freeside or have been signed off on it as competent in it's basic use.


  • Do not run lathe if oil level below 'low' on sightglass. add pic
  • Test emergency foot brake before use
  • NEVER EVER EVER attempt to change spindle speeds while machine is running


Mechanical Controls

need labeled picture of headstock and apron controls

Setting Spindle Speed

add table See also: Speeds and Feeds

Lubrication System

controls specs, lube type, does the lube pump even work?


put up edited CT042 schematic here


Instruction and Safety Articles


Single point threading drive and apron controls need to be refurbished and (re)installed.